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A Creative Partner that Supports Your Organisation with a Holistic Approach

One that always thinks digital first, but acts completely unattached to one specific media and channel. That way, your website connects with your social media, public relations and other marketing activities, making your brands’ message and visual expression consistent, generating a stronger brand and better results.



Creative Communication

For communication to have the effect you want, your communication solutions must normally hold a creative height. It’s about winning people’s attention in an increasingly noisy media landscape. But it’s equally important that a company can live up to what is being promised. If you want your customers to trust your business, it’s essential that every aspect of your business is operating well. This is a holistic approach to marketing where everything from advertising to customer service and behaviour belongs to the brand.

Holistic communication is media channel independent and seamlessly integrated into the business’ mission, vision, overall objectives and strategy. This way you build the entirety of a brand that customers and employees can trust, identify with and buy from.

We help you develop holistic communication concepts that contribute to your business’ growth. With meaningful messages that positions your brand and influence your customers emotionally, trust and loyalty is shaped.

Why is this important? Well, people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. All human decision making happens in the limbic brain. The part of the brain that controls all our emotions.

Digital Solutions

Can digital help you work smarter and communicate more cost effective? Yes, definitely!

Digitalization has brought new opportunities for businesses to leverage their business models and customer relationships. But what this transformation from analogue to digital really means means is not always easy to understand. Basically it’s about combining the business model and the brand’s communication with new technology and digital platforms, with the objective of taking on new business opportunities, enhancing the relationship with customers, and not least, improving the buyer’s journey.

Thorn is your creative business partner in the age where more and more take place online. We offer a complete 360 perspective on your business and brand, and help you develop digital marketing solutions that are seamlessly integrated in your overall communication.

Do you need a partner who can identify new business opportunities or develop strategy and content for your inbound or content marketing? Are you considering a campaign on social media, or are you in need of a new user-friendly website?

What exactly your needs are can be difficult to put your finger on. But we are here to guide you to the right decision in a highly connected world. To the right you can see more about what digital competences we have.

Motion Communication

Thorn Creative Agency creates, directs and produces commercials and informative movies for all platforms. Our own team at the Agency has all the skills needed to produce movies, from idea to end product. The film projects are led by professional project planning from our talented project managers, including customer contact, booking of location, models, props and makeup etc.

Movies seamlessly integrated into the marketing mix
As a full service communications agency with a holistic approach to our customers’ business, we can ensure that the film projects are seamlessly integrated into the marketing mix and fully in line with the business-, brand- and communication strategy, which is a great benefit and security for our clients. It also means that, at the planning stage, we can cost-effectively optimise the film production for distribution in different media and channels.

Customised solutions
Each project is unique. Sometimes the mission is to create a high-quality commercials with professional actors, well-planned drama and creative height. Other times the need is a time- or cost-effective solution. It is the need, the ambition and the objective that set the standard, and we have simple methods for adjusting film production based on your specific demand and budget. We deliver to meet expectations, no matter what level we agreed.

Creative Business Development

Thorn helps you to improve your business and energize sales. As your partner, we search for new business possibilities and aim to identify new competitive opportunities. This can involve developing clear business strategies as well as implementing new services and brand strategies – determining your mission and vision, brand personality, positioning and value proposition.

Since every case is unique, the needs vary. What’s important is that you get access to insights and experiences from many different industries and businesses alongside a holistic approach regarding cross-media skills, strategy and communication.

Creative 360™

Thorn offer a unique concept called Creative 360 – a dynamic workshop concept for co-creation. The whole idea is to engage representatives from your organisation in the challenge analysis and creative process. We firmly believe that it’s when we work this close together that the absolute best concepts and rewarding solutions are created.

Whether you continue to work with us after this workshop or not, you’re guaranteed a lot of inspiration, energy and fresh ideas on how to tackle your challenges.

Thorn Inhouse

Not all businesses need a strategic partner and creative concepts. Instead, many organisations want help with continuous graphic production – often with rapid execution.

Thorn Inhouse works as a production-oriented marketing department for clients whose needs are more simple work or specific parts of the communication such as graphic production. We help you to quickly create banners, product sheets, presentations, retail advertisements etc.

The strategic weight and creative height is always available and can quickly get involved when the need arise.


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